Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I remember when there were tigers. Great big things, they were. Lots of teeth. Very dangerous. No, not like crocodiles. They must have been about that size though, but they were cats. Yes, we used to have great big cats, twelve feet long. They'd roar instead of miaow. They lived in jungles and wild places - jungles? Oh, um, places with lots of trees, lush vegetation, very dark and mysterious and full of dangerous creatures. Like tigers, yes. They were always sort of shy though, they'd hide from people generally. Used to be tales in India, where you'd get a type called Bengal tigers you know, there would be stories that a tiger could get a taste for human blood or if it strayed into a village it had decided it wanted to die so it had to be killed. Fairly brutal, I suppose. The biggest stayed somewhere colder though, I think. What were they again? Oh yes. Siberian tigers. Huge things they were. Yes, cats would stay in cold places too. There used to be one called a snow leopard, even more shy than the tigers. Snow leopards, cloud leopards - they were the first to go. Even the people looking for them weren't sure they were gone, because they were so shy and they'd only ever see them flitting past their hidden cameras and things like that. But they didn't, not one was seen for years and years and then of course there was no snow, there weren't trees for them to hide in any more. Oh yes, I know there's those little weedy things we call trees now but they're not like the trees we used to have when I was small. They were great big leafy things, higher than houses. Yes, it's true. But there isn't enough water where the trees liked to grow, not enough to support such a huge plant anyway, so they're all tiny titchy things now. Things used to be bigger, in my day. It's all got so small. I remember when there were tigers. 

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